Between 2013 and 2015 we’ve implemented a comprehensive SCADA solution with a major sewage and waste water service provider in the S-E of Romania. The tailored solution was built from the ground up, starting with the drafting of project documentation and ending with implementation, training of client’s staff and maintenance.

We implemented a main dispatch center using IGSS, complete with historian server, alarms and automated recovery systems and procedures. Our main challenge was to deliver a fail-safe SCADA solution that would work across a variety of electronic components, both old and new, that the client already had in place. We chose IGSS because of its stellar track record and ability to integrate with all major sensors and PLCs. The OPC-UA and OPC-DA architectures were used for pump and sensor automation. We integrated over 800 pieces of equipment based in 13 locations and used in 180 processes (work flow). This resulted in a SCADA solution with over 3000 items divided into 25 dashboards that offer a clear and comprehensive view of the entire operation.

The ability to monitor mission critical and auxiliary processes was greatly enhanced due to the main dispatch center. A considerable improvement of the management system was also achieved, due to the reduction of both the number of processes necessary and average iteration time. Moreover, many of the key points in the work flow were automated, thus eliminating or mitigating human error and reducing the overall risk.

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