Software Development

For IT systems to meet specific standards required by the business processes of an organization, in most cases it is necessary to adjust the standard software solutions or develop new solutions. Most businesses do need, at some point in their life, custom-made or personalized software.

Primesourcing’s team of experienced developers and professionals working in .NET and Java environments can build tailor-made software or adapt your existing software to include new capabilities, better data analysis, new operating systems or new devices.


IT Consulting

Sizing a system is essential for any type of organization, both in terms of investment and operating costs and the benefits associated with the use of that system. Each of its components are designed to meet specific requirements and at the same time, to harmonize in a homogeneous mechanism. To qualify for an optimized system, Primesourcing team members are ready to support initiatives by providing highly specialized services such as:

  • Security Audit
  • IT consultancy for networking, ITSM and SCADA projects
  • IT consultancy for developing proprietary data centers

Data information server system network internet business

IT Service Management

A successful strategy for IT service management (ITSM) includes among others a ticketing system for incident management, a configuration management database (CMDB) and cost management functions. Too often, however, they are disparate systems that are based on different sets of applications that are not yet integrated. To have a fully functional ITSM strategy, the IT managers of companies must interconnect.

Today, through an effective ITSM strategy, IT infrastructure can dynamically respond to changes in processes and system parameters. Now, as the pace of the business and IT component is accelerated, successful organizations are those that use ITSM best practices to ensure that business and technology are vectors oriented along the same direction.

BMC Remedy is one of the most popular ITSM solutions in the world, placed by Gartner in the most favorable position in the “Magic Quadrant” of producers such solutions. Primesourcing team includes professionals with extensive experience in implementing BMC Remedy solutions, most of them with more than 5 years of involvement in the design and maintenance of solutions of this type.


Data Centers & Networking

The IT infrastructure of the company can be likened to a backbone capable of transmitting and directing all information related to business processes, while a data center is compared with a brain of whole business. In the analysis, design and implementation of data centers we rely on specialists experience and certifications related solutions developed by global leaders in the field.

In addition, our team is ready to provide a range of associated services – virtualization, automatic data replication, security – adaptations data centers based on an analysis of the requirements of the moment and those generated of the future development of the business.

Data centers & Networking

Support Services

Operating of complex IT systems requires an advanced level of IT knowledge and, in most cases, is provided by the internal IT department. But to ensure the maintenance and interventions as soon as possible to remedy incidents critical to the operation of applications and services running business processes require the involvement of specialists with high level of experience, able to provide services based on SLA. Primesourcing is ready to provide his team of specialists for networking, ITSM, IT security and SCADA solutions.