About us

Started fom 2011, Primesourcing declares support the role of trusted advisor for local companies in the sizing and optimization of IT component as an essential support for the conduct of their business processes..

Experience in projects with varying degree of complexity we show that the combination of particularities of each organization – business area, situation of IT infrastructure, business objectives, customer interaction – and the evolution of IT technologies require a flexible approach and visionary projects. Based on a team that has proven over time that aims to design and implement modern solutions and operation of IT systems tailored to its clients’ strategic objectives, we are able to provide services that meet the most demanding requirements.

Quality Management

As a responsible citizen of the business and social working, Primesourcing is concerned to promote among his team and in relation to business partners regarding environmental values and social responsibility. Also to guarantee the quality required by the contractual relationship with our customers, to confirm the quality of management, best practices in the company, and to demonstrate the company’s orientation towards quality Primesourcing carries specific activities to implement a Quality Management System.