The name of the game in ID scanning and biometric signature projects is precision. The institution for which we implemented this solution demanded a 0% error rate.

This was exactly the area that needed improvement, their slow, human error prone, model of capturing data and authenticating customers at the dealing desk. They needed a flawless system of collecting core client data and a way to instantly certify their identity at any one of their hundreds of offices across Romania.
After a lot of research and testing, we devised an integrated solution that scans customer ids and keeps the data both in text format, for autocomplete purposes and image format, for later comparison and reference. This is coupled with a biometric signature system that takes into account parameters like, pressure, sizes, shapes and proportions between curves and distribution of inflection points. The range and complexity of these parameters makes them ideal for authenticating purposes, the probability of false positives is practically 0.

The solution was a huge success, it took the human out of the equation increasing the security of dealings and document exchange at the desk and, in the same token it has decreased costs by making the process much faster.

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