We are continuously searching for new ways to automate processes and reduce costs for our customers. A big retailer in Romania asked us to do just that. We had to solve two problems. The first one was that shoppers needed faster invoicing. The second was that stores wanted to allocate less resources for this type of activity.

To solve these problems we designed, built and deployed a network of info kiosks with self-invoicing capabilities right in the supermarkets, after check-out. Customers can come to the info kiosk, scan the barcode of the receipt, input the company or personal details and issue the invoice. They can choose to receive it on the spot, on paper, or over email. The terminal acts as a basic info point also, with store map, information about promotions and products.

The immediate effect we’ve seen, after the solution was implemented was a rise in customer satisfaction. Instead of going to the designated desk, finding an available employee that issued the invoice manually, shoppers can now use the kiosk and be done within minutes.
We started this project in 2015 and implementation continues to this day.

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