Scada system smallSCADA

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition solutions are critical components of the management systems for companies in the utilities, energy, transportation and mining sectors, just to name a few. Our experienced team can seemlesly integrate SCADA solutions in your company workflow to improve management capabilities and reduce operational cost. Learn more



Kiosk Solutionsinfokiosk small

Self-service solutions are increasingly in demand by retail customers but not only. They offer an improved customer experience to your visitors, while taking off load from your employees. We can offer a wide range of kiosk solutions, starting from the information terminal kiosks to self-service or ticket vending kiosks. Learn more


unattended pay smallUnattended Payment Solutions

Primesourcing can offer turnkey solutions that include unattended POS terminals, contact and contactless, as well as their integration in your business infrastructure and integration with the bank host through ISO 8583 protocol and also integration with fiscal cash registers or kiosk / vending machines. Our terminals are EMV certified, and contain the latest payment security protocols to ensure the protection of your data and assets. Learn more


IT SecurityIT Security small

The ability to control the flow of information, to make essential information available for employees and partners, but at the same time restrict the access to sensitive information is core of every business. An important part of a capable and dynamic IT policy depends on its ability to share large volumes of documents and data with various types of users, in specific conditions as to reduce risk but not damage productivity. Learn more


project management smallProject Management

Most medium and large companies run a few important IT projects throughout their lives, with a great deal of impact on their business. And most decide to hire outside consultants to take care of the management process because they offer a more agile approach and less overhead. We offer a team of experienced managers and consultants that can assist all stakeholders in the project, for a timely and cost efective completion. Learn more


IT ServicesIT Services small

Often, handling IT tasks and policies internally, is a costly endeavor, especially for companies that have small IT departments. With the exception of a few critical points, their core business does not depend on on developing, improving and maintaining the IT infrastructure, and as a consequence it’s much cheaper to outsource. Moreover, working with clear SLAs ensures the client’s control and supervision of the entire process. Primesourcing offers several flexible IT services for companies of any size. Learn more

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