Scada system smallSCADA

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition solutions are critical components of the management systems for companies in the utilities, energy, transportation and mining sectors, just to name a few. Our experienced team can seemlesly integrate SCADA solutions in your c...


Integration with IBM Maximo

IBM module integration We have accumulated a lot of experience working with enterprise solutions. One of our biggest projects in this area was to develop a custom made solution to integrate the IBM Maximo Purchasing Module with SAP. The client was using both pieces of software and needed them to communicate easily in order to use the best features of each one. Basically the asset management features of IBM Maximo needed an equally powerful stock management and invoicing tool, i...

SCADA implementation for waste water services

We used the IGSS framework again in 2015 for a large scale solution in the sewage and waste water industry this time, in the western part of Romania. We were charged with delivering the SCADA software and automating the sensors and pumps, around 200 pieces of equipment in all. We used OPC-UA and OPC-DA protocols to achieve that. This resulted in over 1000 listed items in the solution. We managed to improve the client’s ability to monitor its processes and pieces of equipment in a significant ma...

Info kiosks for retailers

We are continuously searching for new ways to automate processes and reduce costs for our customers. A big retailer in Romania asked us to do just that. We had to solve two problems. The first one was that shoppers needed faster invoicing. The second was that stores wanted to allocate less resources for this type of activity. (...

SCADA Dispatch Center

Between 2013 and 2015 we’ve implemented a comprehensive SCADA solution with a major sewage and waste water service provider in the S-E of Romania. The tailored solution was built from the ground up, starting with the drafting of project documentation and ending with implementation, training of client’s staff and maintenance.



Unattended Payments and Self Service For Retailers

Eastern European retailers are starting to experiment with new types of shopping interactions. A big part of the in store, customer experience happens at the check-out desk. When a big Romanian retailer asked us to improve check out times for a better experience, we suggested a completely automated solution. It eliminates the store employee altogether and g...